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Behind The Scenes Day 1, Hero

Recently we did our first day of shooting for Terminal C L E’s indie film entitled Hero. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is shooting behind the scenes footage. I don’t think anyone should shoot a film without some behind the scenes footage. Not only can it be used for promotional purposes by editing it into a nice little video of its own, but there’s also the opportunity to grab some nice still shots from the footage. I took the opportunity to shoot roughly 30 minutes of footage and threw together a quick edit for our first day of shooting on set.

The biggest challenge, and also the fun part of shooting footage and scenes like this, is all the things you can do with it afterwards. Since it’s shot on the fly it’s usually difficult to get steady footage. Although because it’s behind the scenes footage no one expects it to be that steady to begin with. The shaky camera can also have the feeling of movement, energy, or action going on. This falls right in line with the type of gritty action film we’ll be shooting over the next several weeks.

Finally, picking out the best lines and finding creative ways to work them into the footage is fun! Once that’s mixed up with some nice music and/or sound effects it’s possible to give the footage almost any feel you want. It’s definitely challenging because you’ll never know what you have to work with, but it also is a nice thing to practice for the times when you’re on the set and the pre-planned stuff isn’t looking as expected. I hope everyone enjoyed what I threw together for day one of our shoot on the indie film Hero. I’ll hopefully have more to share soon so everyone can see how it’s shaping up.

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