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Behind the Scenes Day 2, Hero

On the set of Hero, and our second day of shooting in Las Vegas. This shoot took us to downtown Las Vegas for a quick run. We also discussed a bit of the urban feel that the director, Tim Santoro, wanted for his film. Along the way Tim shared a few interesting stories of past shoots and crazy cops willing to shut down streets for a chance to be seen in an indie film. Usually if you live in Las Vegas, it’s customary for most locals to stay away from the strip and the chaos that ensues there. For some odd reason filmmakers seem to take the opposite approach as you can see in our behind the scenes footage from day two of our Hero shoot.

On the other hand, most Las Vegas films seem to go after the casinos, bright lights, show girls, and usually a prostitute thrown in for good measure. Thankfully, as was mentioned during the drive around downtown, this film will not be going down that route. Let me rephrase that, for the most part this film will not be going down that route. I guess there’s something about Las Vegas that does needs a prostitute thrown in somewhere. On the bright side she won’t be coked up or high on drugs, something that usually goes hand in hand with Las Vegas street walkers in movies.

With the trip to downtown Las Vegas out-of-the-way, we’re on to other scenes. Next up is a restaurant scene at a popular deli in Las Vegas that we shot over the past weekend. Then we’re on to the desert death scene we shot a few days back. We’re shooting a bit faster than I can keep up with the editing of the behind the scenes footage, but that’s the fun in it all. Thankfully I have a few days off from programming to knock a few more scenes out. We’ll be posting some stills I pulled from the footage, along with a few of the actors in the upcoming shots. Until next time!

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