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Behind the Scenes Day 3, Hero

Behind the scenes shooting on our third day of working on the indie film Hero took place in Cugino`s Italian Deli & Pizza Restaurant in Las Vegas. Apparently this place has been quite popular over the years with celebrities as a sort of hidden gem in Las Vegas just next to UNLV. The inside walls are packed with picks of celebrities who have stopped in over the years. The owner was kind enough to allow us to use his deli for the shoot, and the food looked mighty tasty. From what I was told he often lets film students use his place for their projects. Here’s the behind the scenes trailer for what we did:

Michael William Johnson and Louie Coruzzolo were on set for their parts. Michael has experience in the music industry has worked around character similar to the one her portrayed. We had a nice sit down afterward as he told us some of the stories from what he’s seen. All I can say is it was brutal.

I was actually really impressed with Louie behind the scenes. Even without having any acting experience that I know of he was a super great kid. Polite, respectful, professional, much more so than others I’ve met who actually are in the industry. I would love to shoot a short with him sometime. I think he’d make a perfect murder, just because his personality is so far removed from being that type of person with any type of mean streak. What a perfect contrast that would be for a film that would be completely against stereotypes.

While he’s still in school, Louie also runs a cinema website with a friend where they do movie removes. Our director Tim Santoro will be doing a podcast for them soon. Anyone that’s interested in checking out his film review website can find it at

That’s it for the week. I’ve got another behind the scenes clip to throw together from a desert scene we shot the other day. The footage looks pretty good with the exception of the noise from the wind I may have to play with since I was using the built-in camera mic instead of my shotgun mic. It also has some nice makeup effects done by Maureen E. Durocher for a head wound. Completely gruesome and amazing if I may say so myself.

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  1. Santoro says:

    Wish that project came to fruition.