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Behind the Scenes Day 4, Hero

Day four of shooting on Hero brings us to the desert for our behind the scenes video. Oh my god, it’s the freaking middle of nowhere with no water, a hot sun, and there are people shooting real guns! We saw blood and then our director was talking about actually blowing up a car and…and with the wind and…it just went all down hill from there! What was I thinking getting involved in this madness? I asked myself that over and over again, and yet I had no answer.

Just kidding! Well, kind of. It was definitely hot. We were in the desert, and there were most definitely people shooting guns off in the distance and a wicked wind that made sound a pain in the butt to capture. We also saw blood, but it was all makeup and fake. And I don’t ‘think’ our director mentioned blowing up cars, although if it had been brought up I’m sure he would have been all for it. He’s a little crazy like that.

I’m not sure I would have been against a car blowing up either, although that would have been an After Effects challenge with maybe a bit of 3ds Max or Maya thrown in. I’d be sick seeing an actual car get blown to smithereens just because of the cost alone. Imagine if that took more than one take? Maybe when you’re a Hollywood big shot with a several million dollar budget you look at it differently. Us Indie film peons? Not so much. It’d be even crazier to do it for a behind the scenes video.

All in all though the day went well. Not to mention is was fun watching the makeup effects being added by our makeup artist. Most of us may have seen pictures of the before and after for makeup effects like that, but watching it in person is a whole other experience. If you’d like to find our amazingly funny makeup artist, or need her help for one of your projects, check out Maureen E. Durocher‘s Facebook page and contact her there!

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