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You know, I’m really not happy with a lot of the slider plugins I’m seeing. Wow slider looks nice, BUT there are a few things I don’t like about it. Part of this lies in the way it has you create code. I’ve never found code created in this way to be efficient in the way it’s written. On top of that, the majority of the ones I might consider are all plugins that have to be bought. Because I’d want different layouts on different pages, or at least the option to do that, I’d have to purchase several just to have that choice at the moment. That means more code for web page to run, and again that would slow loading times. To make matters worse, the syntax for many of them doesn’t validate at all. That’s never a good sign, and I wonder if it’s the reason why I’ve heard my page hasn’t been working on Galaxy 3 phones at the moment.

As a result, I’ve come to a decision. I’m basically going to build my own with the options I want built in. It’ll be a nice little exercise on combining javascript, php, mysql, and html inside of a wordpress plugin along with learning a bit more about their functions. It should be fun and I’m considering writing a tutorial on it when I’m finished. At the very least I’ll have a plugin to share with others who may want a few more options themselves such as deciding text placement, sizing elements, etc. So it’s off to the coding ranch, and I’ll be hopefully adding several different galleries here soon.

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The author of the novel The Bewitching. Besides writing, Martin Douglas, also spends his time acting, making films, and working on graphic design and video FX. When he's not working on the creative and fun stuff he can often be found in a Coffee house. His other talents include web design and several programming and scripting languages.

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