Jenny Squires – Fall Photos

  • Jenny Squires Modeling for Photographer Martin Douglas during Las Vegas fall photo session Photo 14
  • The gorgeous Jenny Squires fall photo session with photographer Martin Douglas Photo 13
  • The beautiful Jenny Squires in a Las Vegas Fall photo shoot with Martin Douglas Photo 12
  • Martin Douglas and Jenny Squires shoot fall photo modeling session Photo 11
  • Jenny Squires and Martin Douglas Fall Photo shoot Las Vegas Photo 10
  • Martin Douglas and Jenny Squires fall photo session photo 9
  • Fall Photo shoot photo by Martin Douglas with model Jenny Squires Photo 8
  • Jenny Squires modeling with photographer Martin Douglas photo 7
  • Fall photo shoot outfit 2 with jenny squires and martin douglas Photo 6
  • Fall photo session outfit 2 with jenny squires and martin douglas Photo 5
  • Jenny Squires modeling with photography by martin douglas Photo 4
  • Jenny Squires in second outfit of fall photo session with Martin Douglas. Photo 3
  • Jenny Squires fall photos second outfit. Photos by Martin Douglas. Photo 2
  • Second outfit for fall photoshoot with Jenny Squires. Photos by Martin Douglas. Photo 1

Here’s the second outfit change from the photo shoot I posted the other day. Oddly, even with quality settings set really high, it looks like they are a bit more pixelated then they are on my computer. Which is strange since I shrunk them down instead of blowing them up. I noticed that also while editing at times. They looked a bit out of focus, but zooming in to check showed they weren’t. Maybe my eyes are going bad, but if anyone’s encountered that before I’d be interested to hear about it or why that might happen.

Anyway, this was probably my favorite outfit of that day. Although I am wondering if I didn’t take advantage of an opportunity to maybe try something a bit more artsy, especially with the outfit Jenny chose. We probably should have tried some photos more reminiscent of the Clueless movie seeing that the outfit somewhat resembled the lead characters. I keep saying I’d like to try things like that, and then fall back to safer choices while shooting. It’s something I’d definitely like to work on moving forward but I’m not quite sure how or in which way. It probably doesn’t help that I get a bit hesitant to try something like that out of fear of them not turning out the way I’d like, and wasting the models time.

Finally, I’d just like to mention what a great job Michelle Squires did on Jenny’s hair. I can’t thank her enough. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, she’s definitely the one to see about getting your hair down.

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