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Life of a Quiet Mind

Life has a mysterious way of making one reflect upon the path they’re on. We all have our share of struggles, some more than others. Sometimes we become so focused on certain aspects of our life that we lose sight of what’s going on around us. We lose sight of the intentions of those we’ve allowed into our lives. Some surprise us for the better, others the worse.

For six years I’ve buried myself so far into work that my awareness became clouded. I always listen, but I don’t always hear. I see but yet I’m blind. Life has a funny way of making one aware, perhaps when they need it the most. Sometimes we come across roadblocks in life. They can be devastating and painful. While I don’t know if they happen for a reason, I do believe we can find reason in them. In my case things came to a halt. I became lost without my work but it forced me to take some time to reflect upon those I’ve allowed into my life. Have I learned from the lessons of my past, or was I still repeating them because of the single-mindedness of what my work meant to me?

My grandfather had an old saying that your best friend was your back pocket. In essence people are there when you have something they want, in his example it was referencing a wallet, and when it’s gone you’re left with silence. I’ve allowed people like that into my life in the past, particularly with relationships. I thought I had learned my lesson. Apparently I had not.

It’s odd how when one has the time to examine one’s life, the different dynamics they begin to notice. You begin to see who adds to your life, or journeys along side you as you both grew. I’ve always believed in that, that people could do more when working together and they shared the journey of growth. You also begin to notice those who only seem to be there when the pursuit benefits only them and how quickly they move on. I’ve had far to many of these in my life, and I guess it was my time to examine this once again. It is neither good nor bad, merely lessons upon our path.

It is time to cut bonds and for others to strengthen, to bring a renewed appreciation for those whose generosity surprised me even if only in words alone. That’s the interesting part of life. Kind words or deeds sometimes come from those we least expect it from, and sometimes those we expect very little from cannot achieve even that. Those perhaps are the relationships we should examine the most heavily. In the end it’s our choice. But the best way for each of us to find enlightenment and our life’s purpose is to journey alongside those whose beliefs most closely match our own, and who treat us as we would treat them.

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Martin Douglas

The author of the novel The Bewitching. Besides writing, Martin Douglas, also spends his time acting, making films, and working on graphic design and video FX. When he's not working on the creative and fun stuff he can often be found in a Coffee house. His other talents include web design and several programming and scripting languages.

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4 comments on “Life of a Quiet Mind

  1. Allyson says:

    Loved the article. Made me think as well. This is really a great write…I have always loved how you word things in a round-about-way so that is makes the words deliciously melt onto your tounge.

  2. Kamie Nauenburg says:

    Nice meeting you! Hope to see you again.